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Launch of The First Line

It was very exciting for me to have two of my short stories - The Howling & Where There's Life, There's Hope - published!

On the 20th Feb, The First Line, was launched by the Mayor of Monash. This anthology was written by members of the Monash Writers Group and has contributions from fifteen authors. One of which was me! And as you can see, Maggie was delighted by the book!

We’re sure you will be too. You can order a copy at

Belonging to a Writers Group has been invaluable for me, in terms of feedback on my work and connecting with like minded souls (writers are unique creatures). I have learned so much from the other members, and even found my editor, who I absolutely love working with.

I would highly recommend to anyone passionate about writing to join a group. Just google writing groups in your area and see what comes up - you won't regret it!

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