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Don't Let Time Steal Your Book. Start with the End in Mind.

Do you love to write? Do you plan to write a book one day?

The aim of this blog is to document my writing journey and road to publication. By doing so, I hope to inspire, motivate and make it easier for other aspiring writers to achieve their dream.

Tapping into something that motivates you and drives you forward on a daily basis is a crucial component to writing that book. Here's a bit about me and one of my motivating forces.

Mum and dad were writers. Good ones too. Dad died at 87, and Mum just recently at 93. They both lived extraordinary lives, the content of which would fill many books.

They both swore that one day they would write a book about their amazing adventures.

It never happened.

Life, poverty, war, work and duty got in the way.

Time. Time and not enough of it was the excuse that stole their dreams.

The passion to write is in my DNA, and apparently in my stars too.

As a young adult I had my chart done by a well known astrologer. Pointing to the symbol filled chart, she declared that 'I was destined to be a writer... or... a nun.' The latter option definitely did not appeal, despite my keen interest in all things spiritual!

I’ve always wanted to write stories like the ones I loved to read. I grew up on a diet of Sci-Fi, Horror, Fantasy and Metaphysics.

They were the books that fired my imagination, excited, enthralled and transported me to distant worlds.

I wanted to write a book. But like Mum and Dad, I kept putting it off. It seemed too huge a task. My life was littered with a trail of short stories, poems, illustrated children's books, note books, ideas, creative journals, but 'the book' loomed like a mountain above me, impossible to climb.

So the motivation to take that first step came from my parents.

I didn’t want to lie on my deathbed with that precious dream unfulfilled.

So I wrote that book.

And then another.

And I’m halfway through one more.

What if my books are never published?

It doesn’t matter. I’ve done it. I've written that book, and some. But I still have one regret.

Mum and Dad aren’t here to read them.

Is your soul aching to write a book?

Then don’t be like my parents or many other would be writers, and get to the end of your journey filled with regrets.

Do it now. Your soul will sing.


This book is a great place to start for guidance and inspiration, especially if the road ahead seems overwhelming.

This audio workshop provides you with the opportunity to hear Anne in action. It is laugh out loud, poignant, informative and will provide you with the encouragement and ideas you need to get started and most importantly, keep going.

'There is no greater joy than expressing the song in your heart.' ~ Ingrid Fry

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